"I don't believe in journalists having 'responsibility.'"
-Seth Lipsky, October 16, 2003

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll demanded on August 20, 2003, that Washington "finish the war" against "the Arabs."

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll assembled their staff for a Champagne toast to mass death on the commencement of hostilities against Iraq. Stoll called it "my war." CNN maintains a running update here of Americans killed in Ira's war.

On February 6, 2003, Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll wrote, in all seriousness, of a pending anti-war demonstration that the "the New York City police could do worse, in the end, than to allow the protest and send two witnesses along for each participant, with an eye toward preserving at least the possibility of an eventual treason prosecution."

The June 9, 1995 Wall Street Journal quoted an SEC complaint against New York Sun backer Bruce Kovner as saying Kovner had "altered and destroyed" subpoenaed evidence. We wish you'd do the same to the daily print run of your God-awful newspaper, Bruce.

Also, Professor G. Harlan Reynolds alleged on August 27, 2002 - when the Sun was several months in publication - that Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll had not yet paid him for a piece authored for their inaugural issue.

Friday, May 23, 2003
SethAndIra, champ handicappers. Check out their man, "Ahmed the Debtor," who "even owes money to the shoeshine boy."

With his history of fraud, Pirate Chalabi's got a lot in common with Michael Steinhardt and Bruce Kovner, financial backers of the Sun. And with his penchant for making U.S. federal monies disappear, he's got a lot in common with SethAndIra's Likudniac buddies at the PentEnron. With so much in common, how can these people but not love each other?
More reader mail:
I was very disappointed after reading your piece on Lauren Mechling's review of the world's most expensive drink. Most of the articles printed in The Sun are conservative dribble, but Miss Mechling is one of the most talented young journalists I've read in awhile. The last thing she is is an "airhead". I find her articles the only things that are respectable and intelligent printed in The Sun. Critisize Ira and Seth all you want, but give credit where credit is due.
Fair enough. The Sun's miserable editors clip their charges' wings with regularity and severity, rendering them less readable than they were formerly. It is very possible that our objections to Ms. Mechlings work are an artifact of her affiliation: anytime a Sun staffer seems likely to sneak some good work into the paper, they find themselves reassigned to the further reaches of SethAndIranistan, sweeping up Pipes-droppings and spending time with Manhattan Institute internees. Our best wishes then to Ms. Mechling. May she escape the Sun soon, leaving the world's most expensive bar tab for her former editors to satisfy.

Thank you for reading and writing, and for allowing us to continue to criticize The Talentless Mr. Lipsky and his bigoted little buddy.

Thursday, May 22, 2003
This morning I found the following in my inbox:
I loathe Amity fu*kin Shlaes's articles in the FT and her mind-bogglingly stupid suggestion that running NYC was like playing SimCity made me finally write a letter to the editor and find out more about this uber-cow.

Came across your blog and haven't laughed so hard for a long time. Now I know who she is and what she's about and realise that she's in the FT for comedy value. I'm glad someone rants about this shite so publicy so count me as a subscriber...
I could scarcely imagine that someone would conceive of so imbecilic an idea as likening the management of a major city to a video game, but thumbing through today's Sun I see that Seth has seen fit to reprint his wife's latest inarticulate finger-painting. It surprises me little, as Seth scours the FT and Jerusalem Post for republishable idiocies, and grooms his young herd of writers to produce them in-house.

Young Adam Daifallah seems to savor the smell of that herd, blanketing himself in the safety it affords. Even when removed from the Sun's newsroom, he snuggles up to Seth's proxies: now in Baghdad, Daifallah surveys the scene from the bosom of Pirate Chalabi. Judging by today's piece, he has yet to leave the Hunting Club.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

A spy has regaled me with this unbelievable but true story, insider access to the Sun and its editors' inflated sense of self-importance:

Right around the start of Gulf War II, better known as The Basra Boogie-down, Messrs. Lipsky and Stool treated their staff to a Champagne toast. Seth, so I am told, bloviated on how wonderful it was to see a war within his lifetime, telling his staff (in the words of the spy), "You may live your whole lives and never get an opportunity to cover a war like this."

Teary-eyed, Mr. Gasbag went on to bore his staff -- anxiously waiting to get back to the desperate, back-breaking work that it takes to keep that miserable rag afloat despite the idiocy of its editors -- with the long saga of how he has tracked Ahmed Chalabi's career from the beginning. How this local-boy-done-good had risen from mere Iraqi exile to the leader of a Free Iraqi Movement. The spy did not mention whether or not Seth went into the details of Chalabi's criminal record.

Finally Ira chimed in, as is his style, with some incomprehensible blathering about what a great moment for democracy the Basra Boogie-down was going to be. He capped off his little wheeze by referring to GWII as "my war."

And with that, the Champagne, and everybody shuffled back to their desks. Seth went back to Brooklyn Heights, and Ira masturbated.

None of this is made up, except the masturbation, which is assumed.
More of the usual in the Sun today, including a betrayal of how plainly indifferent the paper's Benny Avni - and, by extension, his editors - is to the misery to which many (mainly darker) Americans are subjected without prospect of betterment. He writes that George Soros' foundation, which pursues a soft imperialism project abroad, does not involve itself in American politics. Thus Avni depoliticizes the staggering incarcertaion differentials obtaining in today's America, the widespread urban and rural poverty, the political marginalization of almost everyone not fathered by Fat Bruce Kovner, and the racialist anti-immigrant hysteria fomented by certain disgusting news outlets. A simple consultation of Gorgeous George's OSI website would have shown that, unlike Steinhardt and friends, some mega-rich people are able to conceive of a greater good above their bottom line. His foundation's US programs:
support initiatives in a range of areas, including access to justice for low and moderate income people; independence of the judiciary; ending the death penalty; reducing gun violence and over-reliance on incarceration; drug policy reform; inner-city education and youth programs; fair treatment of immigrants; reproductive health and choice; campaign finance reform; and improved care of the dying.
But never mind that; the squalor that so many live in is perfectly natural.

A brief solar flare today, however, as the Sun flashes brilliantly with a damn fine book review by one of the nation's most promising literary figures. Will Leitch, about whom I cannot say enough good things, stages an exhibition of real criticism for the Sunnis - as opposed to the Shiite offered up by Lee, Lane, and that dismal husband-wife team, the Nordlingers. Seth, Ira: give the page over to Leitch and Bowman. All hail Leitch!
A word, your Lordship?

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Why don't they love our bombs?

Seth was so impressed by wifey-poo's extended bleat in the FT magazine of two weekends past that he felt justified in reproducing the unremarkable effort in its 2,500 word, soporific entirety.

Seems Amity Shlaes recently took a trip to Germany, home, as Herr Goldhagen tells us, to the immoral and insidious. On arriving, Ms. Shlaes happened upon a sign reading "Bush, Fuck You." Like Father, Like Sun; Like Husband, Like Wife. Amity, following Seth's lunatic identification with the apparatus of Israeli government, takes the sign as "a missile of rage against the US generally." This, of course, by its great likelihood of apprehension by Americans generally. Or something.

What follows is a castigation of Germans and Europeans for insufficient vigor in falling behind the reckless, imbecilic and legally unelected president of a country not their own. Those same defeatist Germans, Shlaes avers, who failed to mobilize in total war against communist "evil" persisted in their bizarre belief that US militarism and imperialism were things to be resisted. Jeez, Herman and Jurgen, just look how Ronald Reagan liberated the GDR! Just don't ponder a liberated Ukraine.

The lesson to be taken away from a reunified Germany and a post-Saddam Iraq? Per Shlaes it's that anyone adhering to the curious belief that "by self-improvement and restraint, we can end tyranny" is willfully delusional, if not worse.

I wonder if the Syrians/Iranians/Pakistanis/Saudis/Venezuelans/Chinese/Cubans and everybody else SethAndIra would have subjected to the MOAB are listening. Bin Laden couldn't have arrived at a crisper formulation, Amity.
Send in the brownshirts. Welcome to SethAndIra's America.

Adam Daifallah regales us with a front page iditorial (disguised as a news story, for what that's worth in the Sun) about conditions on the ground in Iraq -- or at least, I would guess, the ten feet of ground he has managed to wander away from the pirate Chalabi's armed escort. Acting as community liason to the pervert Chalabi, Mr. Daifallah manages to go on for quite a long time without ever giving any indication of having done any actual reporting. Instead, we get shit like this:

"Just imagine taking the lid off a pressure cooker that has been simmering for 35 years — that’s what it feels like in Iraq today."

"Iraqis have not been allowed to let off collective steam in decades, but it’s all coming out now. And as happy as they are to be free, as relieved as they are to have Saddam Hussein out of power, there is still a certain uneasiness about the whole thing, an apprehensiveness among the people."

"The leader of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi, made a visit to the site. He did not receive the warmest welcome. He was approached by a large group of angry men who started peppering him with questions that he could not answer ... But the thing is, they didn’t even know him. When I had my translator ask a group of these men if they were aware of the fact that Mr. Chalabi was one of the prime movers in motivating America to liberate Iraq, they started to calm down."

(I thought Ira was one of the prime movers in motivating America to liberate Iraq.)

"Mr. Chalabi, widely regarded as the best hope for a truly democratic Iraq, has a tremendous opportunity, because the Iraqi people don’t know what he has done for them yet. "

I can imagine that if Adam "Worst Reporter Ever" Daifallah had no electricity or running water, wandering mobs of armed militiamen robbing and killing at random, and no sense of order anywhere around him, he, too, might be too distracted to be lulled by abstract thoughts of fading oppression. Or perhaps their daughters getting raped takes their attention away from the wonderful work Chalabi has done for them, braving the trenches of the American Enterprise Institute. One wonders, though, if they might be pissed off that Bush and his brownshirts never had any intention of doing anything but putting on a shock and awe show for Fox News.

I could quote the whole fucking "news" story, because it's just that damn funny. You should read it, really. Charles Dana will get the last laugh, Lipsky.

Elsewhere, scientists believe chimps belong in the human genus, which finally explains the presence of the Sun's editors and financiers walking around amongst humans.

Monday, May 19, 2003
The shit parade rolls on. Today's op-ed pages feature more laughs than Bush's economic policy.

Thomas Bray supports the revival of DDT to combat West Nile! Looks like our slumping schools will have to add another classic to their reading lists.

A letter from the leader of DL21C, a well-thought-of group of young Democrats that had their own puff piece in the Sun not so long ago, responds to a poorly-written idiotorial on the purported heckling of Joe Lieberman at a DL21C meeting. Turns out the "heckling" was invented by bad AP reporting. No surprise then, that the Sun picked up this non-story and ran with it. After all, bad AP reporting is much more reliable than the Sun's own horrid reporting, and generally speaking its editorializers are far too lazy to go out and actually try to find a story themselves. Bad reporting or the absence of reporting has never stopped the Sun, and never will. (Financial insolvency, in about four more months, will stop the Sun.) On May 15, Stool jumped on the AP dispatch as "another sign of the sorry state of today’s Democratic Party," comparing a smattering of boos over an illegal war to the bigoted rantings of Patrick Buchanan. To Ira, they're the same thing -- after all, if it wasn't for Ira, we'd all be speaking Iraqi by now.

Finally, for all you Stool junkies out there (and you're out there, like Neo, I can sense you) we come to this sentence, in today's punchline editorial, "Welcome to 1991": "For those who take comfort in claims that the current surcharges will 'sunset' in three years, it might be wise to take a look at the recent history."

"Might be wise"! Hell, that really makes me want to go out and do something. That gets my blood boiling. Might be wise. What a fucking overwhelming imperative. Now, you might be wise to believe that a bunch of intellectual lightweights like the Sun's brain trust can't come up with a more interesting climax for their dumb attempt at "recent history." But the fact is that Stool and company never evolved beyond the rules of Editorials 101, which says you never use the words "should" or "must" in an editorial. Instead, Dipshit substitutes the phrase "might be wise," as if anyone would ever look to the man-child for wisdom. And thus, we avoid that tricky should/must problem. There is some wisdom in that, I guess, since no one but the cripplingly stupid would ever take "should/must" orders from Sethandiranistan. "Welcome to 1991" is more a lifestyle for these creeps than a warning.


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