"I don't believe in journalists having 'responsibility.'"
-Seth Lipsky, October 16, 2003

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll demanded on August 20, 2003, that Washington "finish the war" against "the Arabs."

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll assembled their staff for a Champagne toast to mass death on the commencement of hostilities against Iraq. Stoll called it "my war." CNN maintains a running update here of Americans killed in Ira's war.

On February 6, 2003, Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll wrote, in all seriousness, of a pending anti-war demonstration that the "the New York City police could do worse, in the end, than to allow the protest and send two witnesses along for each participant, with an eye toward preserving at least the possibility of an eventual treason prosecution."

The June 9, 1995 Wall Street Journal quoted an SEC complaint against New York Sun backer Bruce Kovner as saying Kovner had "altered and destroyed" subpoenaed evidence. We wish you'd do the same to the daily print run of your God-awful newspaper, Bruce.

Also, Professor G. Harlan Reynolds alleged on August 27, 2002 - when the Sun was several months in publication - that Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll had not yet paid him for a piece authored for their inaugural issue.

Friday, October 24, 2003
Daniela Gerson reports on page 1:
Federal agents raided Wal-Mart’s headquarters and 60 of its stores across the country yesterday, arresting more than 300 illegal workers in an immigration crackdown at the world’s biggest retailer.

The workers were members of cleaning crews hired by outside contractors, but federal law enforcement officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity said Wal-Mart had direct knowledge of the immigration violations. They cited recordings of meetings and conversations among Wal-Mart executives, managers, and contractors.

Which looked mighty familiar to me. So I checked out the AP story on the raid:

Federal agents raided Wal-Mart's headquarters and 60 of its stores across the nation Thursday, arresting more than 300 illegal workers in an immigration crackdown at the world's biggest retailer.

The workers were members of cleaning crews hired by outside contractors, but federal law enforcement officials who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity said Wal-Mart knew of the violations. They cited recordings of meetings and conversations among Wal-Mart executives, managers and contractors.

Notice the difference here. Now, the end of this story does cite "with Associated Press," so I am willing to cut Daniela (more to the point, her editors) some slack here. But isn't this odd? I mean, if you're going to cut-and-paste AP copy and, further, decline to credit AP until the very bottom of the story on page 11, does it make sense to cut out the one part of the lifted text that actually cites the AP for their work?

And so the Sun's abuse of the wire service continues. Associated Press, cut them off!

But this is just a distraction. The Sun reaches, well, not quite a new low (there have been so, so many) but at least a rather sorry moment on today's idiotorial page. In a steaming turd of a piece called "Havana Hillary, Fidel Schumer," the Beantown Bigots take the New York senators to task for voting in favor of lifting a travel ban to Cuba. The idiotorial is accompanied by a picture of Senator Clinton doctored to make her look like Fidel Castro. It's just bizarre. And shameful.

Odd, because SethAndIra say:

"We’ve no doubt that Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Clinton would prefer a free Cuba to an enslaved one, and they may well sincerely believe that American tourism will be an influence for freedom on the island, as, say, proponents of American trade with Communist China insist that the presence of American businessmen in Beijing will help spread freedom there. We don’t deride this viewpoint, but we are skeptical."

Then why the picture of Clinton as Castro? Did you even read your own fucking editorial?

How about the rights of free Americans to travel anywhere they damn well please? Or is that too much for your filthy minds to handle?


Thursday, October 23, 2003
Acting on a tip from the Washington Times (via Drudge, no doubt), a publication that has about as much credibility as my aunt Bertha, SethAndIra get in an apocalyptic fit about "The Saudi Bomb" in an idiotorial today.

"Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, which didn’t have nuclear weapons, was the subject of a war to force regime change," they gloat, in language that can only be called treason. Don't they know that saying such things, or anything that could in any way challenge the lies of the Bush administration, gives aid and comfort to our enemies? Don't they listen to Michael Ledeen? Don't they know that Saddam had nuclear weapons he stashed away prior to invasion by putting them on covered wagons into Syria or by hiding them in bottles of Nyquil that he then sent to his minions in pro-Saddam Iran? What is this fountain of bullshit?

They go on in their anti-war tirade: "[G]et yourself a nuclear weapon and your chances of getting invaded by America decline precipitously." Man, I have to get me one of those. Do they realize that this is precisely the argument made by peace minded individuals that they so viscerally loathe? That all we showed regimes like Iran and North Korea is that they are vulnerable to the idiotic preemption doctrine so long as they fail to produce the goods on time?

Not realizing that "Ira's War" is what ramped up nuclear proliferation worldwide, the idioters now whine that we didn't pursue a policy of global war from the beginning.
With respect to Iran, which is an Axis nation and is also seeking the bomb, Mr. Bush’s strategy is also a diplomatic one. He said yesterday, “Our relations with Iran —that will help relations with Iran, obviously, if they do abandon a nuclear weapons program. It will also help if they — we end up doing a — reaching an agreement on Al Qaeda that they hold.”This is an illuminating statement indeed. The fact that Iraq was harboring Al Qaeda was one cause, if only one, for America to invade Iraq. Yet when it comes to Al Qaeda in Iran, America is apparently, according to the president, engaged in an effort that involves “reaching an agreement.”

SethAndIra's patience for the selected president seems to be running about as thin as the rest of the country's. But for different reasons.

Diplomacy? Pish-posh. Notice that by changing the subject, to Iraq's fictional Al Qaeda ties, they have dug themselves deeper into their logical black hole. I thought we were talking about nuclear weapons.

"It’s hard not to conclude that the Saudis are watching closely," SethAndIra conclude their latest rhetorical grab-bag. Yes, one would imagine they are watching. Too bad our utterly corrupt president has a corrupt (and I mean corrupt as in "corrupt") relationship with the Saudi monarchy. Are SethAndIra ready to sign on for regime change at home?
The swankily named R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. whines about the TV-movie being made about Ronald Reagan. “It depicts happenings and conversations in Ronald Reagan’s life that never took place” Em cries, although I’m not sure why he has trouble with this; Reagan himself never had a problem with depicting happenings and conversations in his life that never took place.
I just love the letters to the editors selected for publication by the Sunnis. So long as mail meets but one metric - agreement with SethAndIra's inaccurate worldview - it seems the editors will print it. Incoherence, lack of grammatical precision, absence of any sort of through-line, and sheer banality in no way impede publication. Just have a look at today's (apparently un-copy edited) letter from Manhattan MD Isaac Ramsden:
It's amazing how intelligent, sincere, and honest people such as Errol Louis (unlike many other journalists, unfortunately), [sic] could continue to be so naive after the September 11 terrorist attacks, which were acts of war, not just terrorism ("Embedded journalists at Guantanamo," Opinion, October 2, 2003).

Does he not to realize [sic/WETS] the fact that America is at war, and a very different war compared to any other in history? This is a war against a malicious, sophisticated, unscrupulous enemy still capable of doing a lot of harm.

The terrorists are getting help from not only their friends, such as Iran, Syria and various terrorist groups, but also from some of America's western allies, which, by sabotaging America's war efforts, are helping terrorism.

Sadly, they are getting help from our own liberal Democrats who are relentless [WETS/sic/WETS/sic] attacking our commander in chief and America's armed forces, and taking advantage of any perceived weaknesses or mistakes made by the Coalition of the Willing. Remember: In this new kind of war, and it is impossible not to make mistakes [WETS, sirs?].

I began this letter with "amazing" because I never read in the liberal press or television any articles explaining the causes of this war, the consequences of tolerating, - as it was tolerated for at least the last eight to 10 years - the bombing of American embassies and other terrorist activities against America, and ONLY America, not France or Germany. Isn't that interesting?

Instead, the liberals are being extremely concerned only with the fate of our enemies, such as those detained at Guantanamo, with their rights, etc. Why? Out of hatred for President Bush? Because they want to take back the White House, the scope justifies the means?

Don't they realize that all this beating on President Bush is demoralizing to our troops? I think they do, but I think they also don't care if America is losing the war on terrorism.
Seth is a fool for not putting the Good Doctor on payroll. Surely someone capable of producing text which is at such plain variance with what it purports to describe (Bush-hating rather than increasing attacks demoralizing troops) deserves a regular column, if not a managing editorship.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
A Pity Party for the Warmongers

Well, not much of a pity party, as they deserve none. But what else are we to do with the news?:

Rumsfeld wonders aloud if perhaps this whole thing isn't going so well. (I'd love to see what our troops think of that memo...)

"Red State" Bush is making nice with "Red" North Korea.

The Bushies issue a cautious welcome to Iran's agreement to allow inspections of its nuclear program.

Sorry-ass Michael Ledeen goes forum-shopping and finds only the lowly Sun to publish his discredited, idiotic CIA-al Qaeda axis conspiracy theory. (Ironically, in the same issue that L.C. Savage "reports" on the Senate bill -- now killed! more pity -- to keep class action litigants from forum-shopping.)

Bush rebukes General Boykin for his anti-Islam remarks. (What is he, a communist?)

New York City math scores are going up -- without vouchers!

Bush's poll numbers are dipping lower and lower.

A woman in Germany threw her television out the window.

What are the neocon-artists to do?

Same thing they've always done: Make shit up.
More stupidity from obese bigot James Taranto in today's Sun:
The Stockholm Syndrome
Bruce Laingen, who was among several dozen Americans held hostage by Muslim moonbats in Iran a generation ago, seems to have developed a sympathy for his erstwhile captors. Here's his letter to the editor of the New York Times:

Your Oct. 16 editorial "The American Prison Camp" cites a comment by officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross who recently visited the roughly 660 detainees at Guantanamo that there is a "worrying deterioration" in their mental condition because of their not knowing what will happen to them, or when.

As someone who was a hostage in Tehran during the hostage crisis there, I can attest to the intensely demoralizing effect of not knowing what was to become of us.

After some 18 months, America's standards of justice are being disgraced by what we are displaying at Guant?namo. It is time for the President to act to see that justice is done.

Apparently Laingen does not understand the difference between a diplomat and an unlawful combatant.
The Lummox's dispatches are intellectually low-cal tonic for his shocktroops, so my expectation of logic is probably as misplaced as my hope that a shitty parochial paper cut-and-pasted together by even more parochial editors would one day behave like the major metropolitan daily it represents itself as. Yet Lummox Taranto's piece is nonetheless instructive. Prior to reading it, I had thought that it was militant Iranian students who took Ambassador Laingen hostage. The Lummox corrects my error, noting that the Ambassadors "erstwhile captors" are now jugged down Gitmo way. Never mind that some of these "erstwhile captors" are children who weren't even fucking born then. No, they are all interchangeable Arabs/towelheads/Muslims who should be detained if not killed.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
The Sun goes tit crazy today, with idiotorials from both SethAndIra and from Enmity Shlaes on the subject of breast implants. Mrs. Lipsky uses the recent findings that silicone ain’t all that bad to decry those “feminists” who are against the use of said miracle product. She wonders why these womyn support freedom of choice when it comes to abortion, but not to the type of breast implant they can get. Excellent argument, comparing a cosmetic enhancement procedure with what is likely the single most difficult decision a woman may have to make. Another cogent piece of debating from the Sun braintrust. (By the way, what size are you, Amity? I am guessing about an A-cup; Grady, an altogether more charitable soul, has 10 bucks on a C, while Quentin, smartly splitting the difference, guesses a B. Let us know, baby.)

Meanwhile, Mr. Shlaes or his proxy pray a little pray that Dow Corning, so wronged by the implant lawsuits, will receive some kind of justice in the wake of the silicone declaration. Bless their hearts, always looking out for the little multinational corporation.

In the interest of full disclosure, I, too, am in the business of helping people feel better about themselves (with a new location in South Elgin!), and feel strongly that every woman who wants to should feel free to enhance her self-esteem, and by as many sizes as she wants. Even my own wife had a little work done, and it did wonders for her. I have to say I felt pretty good about her new-found esteem as well.
Seth Shlaes writes today of "Abraham Foxman's Finest Hour," which this certainly was not.

Eddie Black's pseudo-scholarly hand-wringing continues. The man is plainly worried that Ford Foundation largesse is winding up in terrorists' larders. Black however egregiously buries the lede, noting 1,565 words into his 1,800 word piece that "This investigation has not identified any instances of Ford monies being linked to terrorism." He does voice some sensible questions over much-needed transparency, and we await his answers.
Perhaps the Sun is not totally friendless...

Monday, October 20, 2003
A hearty LFLS salute to Nathan Lee, film critic for the putrid Sun, for his invitation to join the New York Film Critics Circle. Once again the staff at the Sun proves its ability to achieve in spite of its dreadful editorship.

Speaking of which, Stoolie was on assignment in Dearborn, Michigan, this weekend "reporting" on the Arab American Institute gathering. One wonders if he had a t-shirt customized for the occasion, bearing the Sun's signature slogan:

"It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to be shocked by the attacks the Arabs premeditate against civilian targets."


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