"I don't believe in journalists having 'responsibility.'"
-Seth Lipsky, October 16, 2003

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll demanded on August 20, 2003, that Washington "finish the war" against "the Arabs."

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll assembled their staff for a Champagne toast to mass death on the commencement of hostilities against Iraq. Stoll called it "my war." CNN maintains a running update here of Americans killed in Ira's war.

On February 6, 2003, Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll wrote, in all seriousness, of a pending anti-war demonstration that the "the New York City police could do worse, in the end, than to allow the protest and send two witnesses along for each participant, with an eye toward preserving at least the possibility of an eventual treason prosecution."

The June 9, 1995 Wall Street Journal quoted an SEC complaint against New York Sun backer Bruce Kovner as saying Kovner had "altered and destroyed" subpoenaed evidence. We wish you'd do the same to the daily print run of your God-awful newspaper, Bruce.

Also, Professor G. Harlan Reynolds alleged on August 27, 2002 - when the Sun was several months in publication - that Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll had not yet paid him for a piece authored for their inaugural issue.

Friday, February 13, 2004
Two thumbs WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY down. . .

(from Romenesko)

Thursday, February 12, 2004
On the same idiotorial page that contains the sentence "Now that President Bush has released the records in respect of his service in the Texas Air National Guard" and the headline, "The Bush Boom Moves Forward," Auntie Em Tyrrell has a piece entitled, "Kerry Bags the Moron Vote."

Ironic, no?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Amity Lipsky-Shlaes makes a “shameful” discovery: “Moneyed dynasties rule America.”

Wow—who knew?

Monday, February 09, 2004
Like the apocryphal Japanese soldier hiding in a cave somewhere in the South Pacific years after the end of World War II, Seth Lipsky is still fighting the North Vietnamese. Or, in his present position, fighting the ally of the NVA, John Kerry.

That John Kerry actually fought against the communists in Vietnam is of no import to Lipsky -- his concern, as ever, is that his splendid little war be vindicated in the court of public opinion. For Seth, John Kerry's testimony before the Senate in 1971, in which he relayed his own feelings and those of other actual veterans, was a "left-wing piece of agitprop." John Kerry did not serve honorably, apparently, because he committed the crime of thought. That is, fighting a war he came not to believe in, he stated his opinion. This, to the Lipskys of the world, is high treason.

But this belief, this perpetual search for the traitors of Vietnam among us, is such obvious insecurity masked as trumped-up patriotism that it is rather laughable Seth feels the need to commit it to print. No, Seth, no one other than your fellow-travelers on the revisionist right will ever come out and say that Vietnam was the good fight. It will never happen. There will never be a popular upswelling of support for your stupid police action. Nor will Kerry's testimony against the war ever -- ever -- hurt him.

To make the joke ever funnier, Seth says, "one commander for the American side, General Westmoreland, is quoted on the World Wide Web as saying that 91% of Vietnam veterans say they are glad they served, while 74% said they would serve again, even knowing the outcome."

What better source than Westmoreland? On the "World Wide Web" no less?

Absolutely fucking pathetic.

Seth furthers his self-humiliation by demanding that any release of Shrub's service record be accompanied by a release of all of Kerry's service records. Funny, I don't remember Bush saying anything about that in the Russert interview. Looks like the right-wing kooks are already piling on the bullshit to cover their beloved dipshit W.

By the way, the Sun buries their AP report about the Russert interview. If Bush had sounded even remotely presidential, you can bet Ira would have been gushing about it *at* page 1.


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