"I don't believe in journalists having 'responsibility.'"
-Seth Lipsky, October 16, 2003

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll demanded on August 20, 2003, that Washington "finish the war" against "the Arabs."

Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll assembled their staff for a Champagne toast to mass death on the commencement of hostilities against Iraq. Stoll called it "my war." CNN maintains a running update here of Americans killed in Ira's war.

On February 6, 2003, Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll wrote, in all seriousness, of a pending anti-war demonstration that the "the New York City police could do worse, in the end, than to allow the protest and send two witnesses along for each participant, with an eye toward preserving at least the possibility of an eventual treason prosecution."

The June 9, 1995 Wall Street Journal quoted an SEC complaint against New York Sun backer Bruce Kovner as saying Kovner had "altered and destroyed" subpoenaed evidence. We wish you'd do the same to the daily print run of your God-awful newspaper, Bruce.

Also, Professor G. Harlan Reynolds alleged on August 27, 2002 - when the Sun was several months in publication - that Seth Lipsky and Ira Stoll had not yet paid him for a piece authored for their inaugural issue.

Thursday, February 19, 2004
Bobbi Tyrrell has taken up comedy writing! On tour to promote his new book (oops, sorry Em, here’s the correct link), Em has been making the rounds of conservative talk radio shows. He writes that in addition to giving him the chance to promote the new screed, the tour “is doubly rewarding, for it provides me with a vivid glimpse into America. Talk radio has studios all over the country.” Really, B. Em? I always figured there was just one great big studio, covering many acres, somewhere in Montana or something.

Anyway, where all in America has Tyrrell been? New York. The only show he mentions appearing on is Sean Hannity’s. I am sure he got a truly vivid glimpse of America from there, what with all the tall buildings and shit. But like I say, the main thing is that Em has decided to venture into comedy. He describes Hannity as “amiable”! Chortle! He calls Hannity’s new book “an important work”! Guffaw! The Em finishes with, “The optimism of Mr. Hannity is characteristic of the conservative talk-show hosts I have been meeting. They represent a refreshingly positive conservative alternative to the otherwise liberal press. . . . Perhaps in the years ahead, conservatives will be as numerous in television land as they are in radioland.” LOL!

Robert “Bob” Emmett “Em” Tyrrell Junior, you are one funny motherfucker!
Today’s New York Sun implies that their dear old friend, Ahmad The Pirate, is a hero. To quote, “Mr. Chalabi is a hero”. Why? Because Saddam Hussein was defeated “not in small part [due] to Mr. Chalabi's own leadership, at great personal sacrifice and risk.”

Newsday, February 15, 2004:

Washington - U.S. authorities in Iraq have awarded more than $400 million in contracts to a start-up company that has extensive family and, according to court documents, business ties to Ahmed Chalabi, the Pentagon favorite on the Iraqi Governing Council.

Great personal sacrifice, indeed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
At page one we find Eli Lake Stolling for Dollars - i.e., locating a corrupt Arab businessman supportive of US/Israeli policy and credulously reporting said crook's words as gospel. Stoolie and Seth adopted Dr. al Harami in the hope that after the inevitable war against Iraq, The Pirate would favor his early benefactors with attention out of proportion to the Sun's incredible shrinking circulation. As you know, nobody in New York outside of Judith Miller wound up caring to listen to anything the cretinous Chalabi had to say, so SethAndIra spent their all but exhausted stock of credibility for nothing. Lake appears to have learned nothing in the process.

His "news" article today is headlined "A CRITIC OF ARAFAT IS TURNED AWAY AT THE U.S. BORDER," and tells the tale - "tale" here is indeed apt - of Issam Abu Issa, a professional critic of the Palestinian Authority refused entry to the US this past Friday. A few highlights from Lake's piece:
As the chairman of the Palestine International Bank, he handed the keys of his bank to aides of Yasser Arafat under the threat of physical violence in November 1999.
Reputable outlets - a class of publications of which SethAndIra's Sun manifestly is not a member - said at the time that Abu Issa had been "sacked from the board of the Palestine International Bank (PIB) last month after the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA), which supervises the banks, discovered 'substantial irregularities' in the PIB's management." The folowing month Abu Issa, in Chalabi-like fashion, would flee to the Gaza Qatar diplomatic mission for sanctuary.

More Lake:
This episode touched off a political clash between Messrs. Arafat and Abu Issa. Mr. Abu Issa has sued Mr. Arafat and the Palestinian Authority in a Qatari court for illegally seizing his bank, and Mr. Arafat's aides have charged that Mr. Abu Issa defrauded his stockholders. But the Palestinian Authority did not make these charges until after it seized the bank and combed through the records. In December, a panel from the Palestinian Legislative Council looked into the matter and recommended that the bank be returned to Mr. Abu Issa and his name cleared.
Hoping to examine the actual content of the Palestinian Legislative Council report, I went searching for its full text. The only reference to it I found, funnily enough, was in an earlier Lake dispatch:
On December 30, he said [Abu Issa himself, that is] the Palestinian Legislative Council issued a report that cleared Mr. Issa of the charges against him. "They recommend all actions taken against the bank were illegal and false," he said. [emphasis mine]
How's that for sourcing! Very well done, Mr. Lake.

Monday, February 16, 2004
If Seth Lipsky had any principles, Mark Steyn's column would never again appear in the New York Sun. What a low-life. This links to an analysis of his latest column, in which he pokes fun at Max Cleland's war injuries.

Yes, war injuries that were sustained in Seth Lipsky's beloved Vietnam War. This is what Mark Steyn thinks of veterans, Lipsky, and you syndicate him.

But I did say "If Seth Lipsky had any principles..."


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